who makes snake eyes golf clubs

It has become rampant and that is why ACUSHNET (TITLEIST/COBRAS), ADAMS, CALLAWAY, CLEVELAND, PING, and TAYLORMADE are part of and formed the U.S. Filter (2) Snake Eyes 8-Iron Golf Clubs. $19.99. The stability of the Snake Eyes irons are valued as well as their good feel with on impact and off impact functions. In the end, it is hard to figure out the quality of a specific model of golf club without using it for a significant amount of time on the course after buying it. Now counterfeit producers is a different story. I’ve tried Hireko’s Green Ghost and Blue Crush and DTG’s FGS Nano and I’d put them up against anything out there. Tom Wishon has a lot of golf club patents from when he was the designer for Golfsmith and since he started his own company years ago. Has anyone ever stolen a customer of yours? You also probably wouldn’t have the balls to show up at the course with them in your bag… after all someone may poke fun at you. nice way to put down your own company. Most golfers lump OEM Components in with clones even though these companies do their own R&D and have no intention of copying other companies. Wanna buy some clubs?” (E.M. So to sum it up, the component industry made a lot of the modern technology way before the major OEM’s had any of this gear which to me says that the component industry has a lot more First’s than any of the OEM’s put together. Tour Talk General Golf Talk Classic Golf And Golfers Courses, Memberships and Travel Groups, Tourneys, and Partners Matching WRX Academy . 1-16 of 25 results for Sports & Outdoors: Golf: Golf Clubs: Snake Eyes. If golfers were in the world of buying by results club sales would shrink to almost zero. then you’ll really be happy, and love your set..and it will be right…. But the same thing has already happened in electronics, computers and even automobiles. Once the swing is dialed in, then perhaps rewarding yourself with an expensive set of clubs is a great goal. He was trained by Ralph Malby who started Golfworks. By far the best feeling head/shaft combo I’ve ever had. That was a great article, anything that can spark so much emotion and debate is a good thing. Further, if the same tip diameter shaft (likely .335) is used for both, the shim that would’ve been used for the Burner would not effect the performance in any way. A different animal than what the test was. I will say this…often times the quality of things like welds, finishes and materials are not as good as the name brand model. … I currently have both Pinemeadows and Giga Golf irons and couldn’t be more happy with them. Wanna buy some clubs? Then to follow it up with “the only diff is that the Major OEM’s have more money to B.S. The later hurts the Golf Manufacturers and the integrity of their designs, thereby hurts all involved, Reps, Retailers, and yes ultimately the game of golf. I picked these up as a 20 HC and played them. TRUST ME: It is the BEST stuff out there!!!! If you have a greater tolerance for the absence of feel, or unpleasant sound (and we know many do), then perhaps it’s time you stopped paying big bucks for name brand equipment, and started looking into a quality clone. Square headed drivers made from wood in the 1800’s. In 1998, Golfsmith, a nationwide club maker and retailer, bought Lynx Golf Inc., Snake Eyes Golf Clubs Inc. and Black Rock Golf Corp. Looking at the performance, there isn’t, in my mind, a clear winner. I was looking at the 85 and 75g steel shafts also. Free Shipping. They make their own designs. Do you not find all of those cases wrong, frustrating, and near impossible to prove? The Harvey Penick Golf Academy is located in Austin, TX and has instructed over 17,000 golfers. i have seen time and time again a student come to me with a bag full of junk. Okay, you somewhat mixed it up. Tom Wishon, he himself a club designer who has his stuff made in the Far East, backs up MGS’s facts.

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