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For me the smaller format cameras have put the fun back into photography, not to mention cash, from the sale of big expenses lenses, into my retirement account. Sie möchten Ihre schönsten unvergesslichen Momente erneut erleben? I did find a tube but it was a different Lumix model and it didn't explain the fz80. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 / FZ82 Wifi. This is all good information. Page 5: The Ia Intelligent Auto Mode I used to do this same work-around with my nikon d7k and pentax DSLR’s. The Panasonic Lumix FZ80/82 boasts many features like the 18.1 mega- pixel MOS high sensitivity sensor, the 20mm – 1200mm (35mm equivalent) lens, USB charging, 4K shooting and 10 frames per second shooting mode. The 4K PHOTO allows user to to extract an 8MP still from a 4K burst file. Regarding the 200mm F/2.8. DC-FZ80 DVQP1242ZA M0217KZ0 Message Display →292 Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. 1200mm vs 600mm: 600 mm longer tele reach : Optical Zoom. Ouch! Even when with multiple AF boxes some are lighting green on the subject the background will get the lock. Perspective in Full Detail . It does seem that Fn1 displays a smaller rectangle and when I depress the shutter 1/2 way it becomes a smaller green box that is supposed to indicate in focus. Yes vs No: creative shooting : Focal Length - Wide. No better. Found the same. Kreative Fotostories von Mitgliedern, Tipps, Tricks und News aus der Welt der Fotografie. As you’d expect, the FZ80 / FZ82 has Wifi support that allows you to wirelessly transfer images from the camera and operate it remotely using a smartphone. I’ve also noticed some situations with both GH5 and G9 where the AF sensor grabs something, mostly in the back ground and what I would call back focus. It doesn’t seem to occur if the background is open such as a skyline or water. Dan -thanks for responding to my comments. I guess it’s not unique to Panasonic, but maybe more prevalent to CDAF systems. 60x vs 25x: more flexible focal coverage : Flash Coverage. But with this lat st firmware update this issue seems to be almost completely fixed. Egal ob Systemkamera mit Wechselobjektiv, Bridge-Kamera oder kompakte Reisezoomkamera, jeder LUMIX-Besitzer findet seinen Platz in unserer Fotocommunity. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The next jump is going to be in sensor technology. I notice it more when the subject is perfectly still such as a Great Blue Heron in a stream bed. The autofocus system on the Panasonic LUMIX DC-FZ80 works extremely fast with an impressive 1cm minimum focus distance when AF Macro mode is set and 1.5m at 1200mm. View and Download Panasonic DC-FZ80 basic owner's manual online. Adjusting the focus after recording ([Post Focus] / [Focus Stacking]) .....33 Taking Pictures While Adjusting a Setting Automatically In an effort to combat spam, your comment The Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 offers a powerful 60x zoom and convenient, practical operation as well as numerous manual options for photo and video. Zunächst einmal muss ich sagen, das diese Kamera für den Preis eine To... Ich habe früher schon zu analogen Zeiten gerne mit einer Spiegelreflex... Einfache Bedienung ,viele Menüoptionen ,gutes Preis - Leistungsverhält... Systemtasche für FZ-Serie & G-Serie (je nach G-Kamera mit Platz für zusätzl. Michael, I think I can help but I need additional info. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but never had the right person to help me when it happened in the field. So there you have it, straight from the engineer’s mouth. You should plan a trip for next May! If weather sealing is a must-have feature for you, check these sections: Top Compact Cameras with Weather Sealing Top Bridge Cameras with Weather Sealing . See the video above to better understand the process of the workaround I’m suggesting. Unfortunately it still doesn’t solve the issue. The LUMIX FZ80 bridge camera is worthy to be called an "All-Rounder". The key is to understand what is happening and know how to work around it. It’s too big, too cumbersome, full frame lenses way too heavy and ridiculously far too costly. The high-speed, high-precision DFD (Depth From Defocus) auto focus system achieves an AF of approximately 0.09 sec. What Mode are you shooting in? I appreciate your honesty William. Durch die 8 Megapixel hohe Auflösung eignen sich die Fotos sogar für Ausdrucke im DIN A3 Format. Give these settings a try Mats. Unfortunately neither Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ80 (Lumix DMC-FZ82) nor Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V provides any type of weather sealing in their body, so you have to give extra care especially when you are shooting outdoors. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hope to find out this week. 616 g vs 1095 g: 479 g lighter : Timelapse Recording. Photo below: I also am using the AF-C with Custom Multi at the size shown in photo below. The 20 mm wide angle lens allows you to shoot breathtaking landscapes in wide panoramic pictures. I do hope panny releases a fix for this not only for the G9, but for the other bodies like the G85, GX85, GX9, etc as well. What’s going on? Stay tuned for a blog post on that. Lenses 100-400, 8-18, 42.5, 12-35, 45-175 and an Oly 60 macro. Page 59: Taking Pictures With Manual Focus Advanced (Recording pictures) Taking Pictures with 4 Tilt the joystick towards 3/4 to Manual Focus focus on the subject. To answer your questions I have a G9 and a GX8. Über 35.000 Mitglieder haben bereits rund 70.000 Fotos hochgeladen, kommentiert und geliked. This is not a perfect situation but as I tell my students, you have to be watching the AF accuracy as much as possible. Mit der Post Focus Funktion der LUMIX FZ82 lässt sich aus einer Bildserie mit unterschiedlicher Fokussierung das optimal fokussierte Foto auswählen - selbst wenn die Aufnahme bereits im Kasten ist. Um genau jene Momente festzuhalten, die mit bloßem Auge nicht zu erkennen sind. Focusing manually isn’t very comfortable because the photographer has to use the control field to change the setting instead of a focus ring on the lens. Freuen Sie sich auf beeindruckende Qualität bei dynamischen, aufregenden Szenen. . The camera can be controlled by using the 'Panasonic Image App' on your smartphone or tablet device enabling you to view the image, set the focus, release the shutter from a distance or review photographs on the large screen of your tablet. Hervorragende Bildqualität, selbst bei schwachen Lichtverhältnissen. Also for: Lumix dc-fz82. Focus on rose hips was fast and accurate after I got the system close to the proper target by focusing on the ground as mentioned in the frame above. Hi, Dan. Much to the chagrin of my Lumix colleagues, I often point out the bad with the good regarding Lumix technology and their camera gear. It can occur even though the subject is very bright and contrasty and the AF sensor is totally covering the subject. But I will admit, it seems to be more prevalent with the G85, GH4, GH5 but less so with the new G9. I’m planning more tests in the next couple of weeks. I’ve seen this as well Doug. Thankfully, this doesn’t take place very often but I’ve had it happen more than I would like. I’m confident Panasonic is working on a fix, but until that happens I have a workaround that solves the issue. Die LUMIX FZ82 liegt dank des ergonomischen Griffs perfekt und sicher in der Hand. Full Range 60X Long Zoom From 20mm wide-angle for breathtaking landscapes to an amazing 60X zoom to capture far off moments, the FZ80’s lens brings it all together. The connectivity features of LUMIX FZ80 expand the usability of the camera in many ways. After emailing my contacts at Lumix I was told that sometimes the extreme Bokeh of a nearby background will cause this issue. Weight. I don’t understand how Panasonic can sell a camera that won’t focus, or why the camera shop thinks this is standard. I just set up my camera to your second example and will see if it helps. Thankfully, this doesn’t take place very often but I’ve had it happen more than I would like. The Canon SX740 HS with 4K video Mode Review August 2018 and Canon release the latest in the 700 series travel zooms the SX740 HS equipped with the ability to shoot 4K video. Charlotte, the sweet lady in the video above, inspired me to create this post and share my workaround that put her on the right path during our Invitational Photo Tour of New Zealand. The LUMIX FZ80 long zoom camera is an "All-Rounder" that everyone can enjoy. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It never occurred with the GX8 and the 100-400 but I have had it happen frequently with 2 different G9’s while using the 100-400. And thank you Charlotte for allowing me to share your story. You focus on a subject with any lens, the AF sensor is on Single AF and it’s completely covering the subject. But that doesn’t seem to happen all the time. John1953 wrote: I find the manual info on the manual focus and macro settings inadequate. Who needs the absolute ultimate in quality? My wife and I saw over 60 species. LCD Screen Size and Features. LUMIX DC-FZ80 digital camera pdf manual download. ;0), Good luck with lenses and when they do come, better luck carrying them after you’ve paid a boatload of cash. Weitere Informationen und Hinweise zur Änderung Ihrer Cookie Einstellungen haben wir in unserer Cookie Policy zusammengefasst. What’s going on? None of them are prefect however and I’m hoping Panasonic is working on a fix. I’ve been putting this off hoping to do a more indepth article on this exact subject. There’s a good bunch of AF modes to choose from depending on your subject. I love these guys and gals., Eingabefehler. When I can’t afford to miss shots I take my D500. AF pattern set to Single AF and covering the entire red subject. Hang in there, we’ll get this nailed down. The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 does offer focus peaking and a manual focus guide on the screen. Compare Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 (18.1MP) vs. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 (16MP) on sensor size (7.7mm vs. 21.64mm diagonal), pixel pitch, pixel density and other specs. Mit der Post Focus Funktion der LUMIX FZ82 lässt sich aus einer Bildserie mit unterschiedlicher Fokussierung das optimal fokussierte Foto auswählen - selbst wenn die Aufnahme bereits im Kasten ist. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ll be taking both to Yellowstone in June to give Sony a workout. Bitte bestätigen Sie unsere Cookie Policy, um das Produkt in den Warenkorb legen zu können. Panasonic FZ80 has a 18.0MP 1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55 mm ) sized BSI-CMOS sensor and features Venus Engine processor. Mixing long-zoom capabilities with multimedia recording versatility, the Lumix DC-FZ80 from Panasonic pairs an expansive 60x zoom lens with high-resolution stills and 4K video shooting functionality. Sorry but that is how I feel! I’ll be getting one shortly and I’m planning to take it on an upcoming trip to Alaska where I’ll be testing it extensively in real world conditions. It short it was fantastic. I appreciate that the you have an affiliation with Panasonic but you always want them to improve and are not afraid to challenge them. It has happen once to me since the new firmware was installed. Like other Panasonic cameras, the Lumix FZ80 has a … I am a novice photographer and I describe my problem as “back focusing”, but what you are describing here may be the problem. - YouTube (Optical Image Stabilizer) effectively suppresses hand-shake vibration. It focused perfectly. Interesting. It works great for the bird in the branches or any time autofocus selection point is not where you want it. Beyond my expectations. Zubehör), Tasche für G-Serie (je nach Kamera mit Platz für weiteres Zubehör), FZ-Serie, 128 GB GOLD: UHS-I, Class 10, Speed Class U3 = 30MB/s (240Mbps) konstante Schreibgeschw., Lesen bis 95MB/sek, Schreiben bis 90MB/sek, 64 GB GOLD: UHS-I, Class 10, Speed Class U3 = 30MB/s (240Mbps) konstante Schreibgeschw., Lesen bis 95MB/sek, Schreiben bis 90MB/sek, 32 GB GOLD: UHS-I, Class 10, Speed Class U3 = 30MB/s (240Mbps) konstante Schreibgeschw., Lesen bis 95MB/sek, Schreiben bis 90MB/sek, 16 GB GOLD: UHS-I, Class 10, Speed Class U3 = 30MB/s (240Mbps) konstante Schreibgeschw., Lesen bis 90MB/sek, Schreiben bis 45MB/sek, Panasonic LUMIX FZ82 - Vielseite Bridgekamera mit 60x-Superzoom, Ultra HD TV: Jetzt Hollywood zuhause erleben, Professionelle Kalibrierung für Ihren OLED TV, Gaming Fernseher für herausragende Spielerlebnisse, Alle Flachbildfernseher mit Filter- und Vergleichsfunktion, Ultra HD Videorecorder für Ihr Hollywood Feeling, LUMIX Systemkameras: Jetzt passende Kamera finden, LUMIX G Objektive: Technik für höchste Ansprüche, Professionelle Videokamera mit 4K Ultra HD, Epilierer: Schnell & sanft zu seidenglatter Haut, Haarpflege für gesundes und geschmeidiges Haar, Männerpflege: Für jeden Stil das passende Produkt, Mundpflege: Zuverlässige & nachhaltige Zahnreinigung, Mikrowellen mit Inverter-Technologie: Frisch & gesund, Backen in Bestform: Brotbackautomaten im Überblick, Slow Juicer: Mehr Freude am gesunden Genießen, Professionelle Mikrowellen für die Gastronomie, Jetzt das passende DECT- & IP-Schnurlostelefon finden, Einfache, sichere Bedienung mit Seniorentelefonen, Technologie und Design [Globale Panasonic Webseite],{0}, //{0}?client_id=10d38a11-2677-4619-8f77-3dd61bcd19b6, //{0}, //{0}, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-in.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-out.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-soon.png. Lumix Auto Focus Workaround. But once it's on and and ready to go it's quite speedy. Regarding Dean’s comment about the Sony A7RIII being a solution to this AF problem, I assume he is joking – the Sony cameras suffer from this particular issue more than any camera I’ve used, and it’s one of the reasons I gave up on the Sony system. I’m hopeful Panasonic can get this issue fixed sooner rather than later. Off to Point Pelee on lake Erie May 15th for the warbler migration! After hearing raves about this camera as a great point and shoot, we have been trying to use it on a tripod. Have you tried dialing the AF-S down to it’s smallest size when you’re doing warblers? Sensor Size and Resolution Comparison image of Panasonic FZ80 and Panasonic G7 Cameras Thanks for answering! And I can say that I’ve not seen this issue nearly as often with the G9. My G9 is fast, light and has a fantastic stabilization system. Höchste Flexibilität bietet das leistungsstarke optische 60x Zoom sowie die 4K Foto und Video Funktion. From a professional perspective, nobody pays for it in the wildlife and nature world any longer. As I said in response to Dean, my money is on the smaller format cameras and in particular Lumix. To be fair, this is something I’ve also experienced with my Nikons. I’m loving where this is all going. Based on what yo describe it sounds like you may be in the iA mode? Below is a short video on how I get around it. GH5 trying to focus on these beautiful, brightly colored rose hips. This is not acceptable in a camera of this price and quality range. Halten Sie besondere Momente fest, ob nah oder fern. Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 Review. Dan has the new firmware update for the G9 helped on your focusing ? The Panasonic engineer, Shibuno san, suggested the following and I’m paraphrasing, “Dan’s explanation to his students is right. This fantastic piece of opto-mechatronics is only let down by the hard to read documentation that comes with the camera in the form of the basic user’s manual or the advanced guide found when you search for, and download, the advanced user guide. As I wrote in my first post I find it easier to get focus on the flying bird when using Face/Eye than any other mode, and adjust size to about the same you showed. In this manual, examples use illustrations and screens of DMC-TZ100/DMC-TZ101 unless otherwise indicated. Below you can see the FZ80 and G7 sensor size comparison. It’s this kind of honesty and their desire to listen to their users that’s made me a firm believer in this company. If weather sealing is a must-have feature for you, check these sections: Top Bridge Cameras with Weather Sealing . Home › Forums › Private Forum › Panasonic lumix dmc fz70 manual focus macro Search for: Michael WinnickOn Feb. 15th, 2020 (10 months ago). This is a wildlife camera. Ihre Zustimmung können Sie jederzeit hier widerrufen. It simply will not focus any closer than about 2′-0″, maybe 18″ in macro mode. I have the same lack of focus concern, and it happens often. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 / FZ82 review 60x zoom bridge camera gets close to the action By James Abbott 10 April 2017. Does anyone have an easy step by step answer? Shares. Re: Fun with the FZ80 , manual focus / burst question In reply to ANAYV • Apr 24, 2017 Amazing photos ANAYV!

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