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Not only is the 75/2.8 one of the most compact Pentax 645 lenses, it’s also (one of) the fastest. My account; My wishlist; Commander; Connexion; Mon compte; Ma Liste; Mon panier; Ma Commande; S'identifier; LYON. FedEx【MINT+++ BOXED】Pentax 645 NII + A 75mm f2.8 Manual Lens 645NII N II JAPAN. This lens really is an outstanding optical performer. You can find these used at these direct product links to Adorama and eBay. New smc pentax fa645 fa 645 75mm f2.8 for 645n. $1,278.89. Registered: January, 2009. The Pentax 645 camera line has been known for decades as the system that marries 35mm SLR features with medium format. équivalent 24x36 : 60mm: ouverture maximum : f/2.8: diamètre : 74mm - longueur 37 mm: ouverture minimum : f/22: poids : 215 grs: mise au point autofocus: angle de champ : 40° (diagonale) formule optique : 6 éléments en 5 groupes : filtres : 58 mm: distance mini de MAP : 60 cm: Résultats. Mon Panier 0 Objet - 0,00 € Sous-total 0,00 € Livraison gratuit. Provenance : Allemagne. 35mm. £384.65. SMC Pentax 645 LS 75mm F2.8: Sharpness 9.0. I tested this lens against an ISO 12233 chart, for close performance, a brick wall, for medium distance, and a distant landscape, for infinity. In the 645 digital format it has the field of view of a short telephoto lens. Lens Mount: PENTAX 645AF2 … Pentax 645 with 75mm f/2.8. $499.90. $554.99 . Voir plus. Pentax 645 * Caméra Corps Seulement * De ROYAUME-UNI * Navires dans le monde entier! You may also like. To save myself from purchasing special equipment, I use my 62mm Singh-Ray Polarizer with a step up ring. If I did need to comment on anything, it’s that I’m not about the 58mm filter diameter. Manual focus normal lens, with a field of view in the 645 film format corresponding to a 50 mm lens in the 24x36mm format. Pentax 645 filmeinsatz 120-Film Insert 38801-Moyen format utilisation 120. Free shipping ‏‏ ‏‏‏‎Pentax 645‎‏ Japan Gift Black Vintage Rare + SMC PENTAX-A 75mm F2.8 Lens . Watch [ Near Mint+5 ] Pentax 645 Body + 120 220 Filmback from JAPAN 0. Watch. I mean is it the same glass etc. I have not used it with my K10D, and I don't think that I want to. Pentax 645 smc A 75mm f/2.8 is a classical medium format manual lens for the now defunct Pentax 645 system. This can be tricky with the clutch style, being careful not to rotate the ring while pulling back. Site Supporter. [ Mint ] PENTAX 645N Format Moyen Caméra à Film A 45 mm 75mm F2.8 2Lens De Japon Premium SLR Clasic PENTAX 645 6x4.5 645+ Smc 75 75mm 2.8+ 220 Near Mint Tested. Pentax 645 A 75mm 2.8, in summery - it is an excellent tiny lens. smc PENTAX-A 645 1:2.8 45mm: Reviews User reviews: Features: Price History: Author: Sort ... the 75mm f2.8 now becomes a good portrait lens. négocié au prix de 800 euros. I purchased the 150mm and 200mm telephoto lenses, and started playing with color. FedEx【ALMOST MINT】Pentax 645 NII + A 75mm f2.8 Manual Lens 645NII N II MF JAPAN. I never thought a normal focal length would see so much use in my landscape work. 7 years. My current Pentax 645 system – Camera with 75mm, 200mm, 45mm, and 150mm (left to right) So, in 2012 the Pentax 645 resurfaced and I dove back into film photography in a big way. 4 posts. Setting expand_more. New SMC PENTAX FA645 FA 645 75mm F2.8 for 645N 645 . 21mm. December 2008 more Pentax reviews . le tout 800 eu. Ken. There’s something about the 75 that strikes the right balance when the foreground is bland, but you want to keep as much context as possible (i.e. $209.29. May 2009 More Pentax ... 645 film (56 x 41.5mm) has 2.6 times the area of full-frame 35mm (36 x 24mm), or a 0.62075x crop factor. $1,019.90. It worked well and opened yet … Watch "NEAR MINT"Pentax 645N Medium Format SLRCamera FA 75mm f2.8 120 … Aberrations 9.3. For the cropped sensor digital body, it may have a tad too much reach for a one and done. Handling 9.3. I am happy to report that I still haven’t been able to find any drawbacks to it. 75mm. The 75’s recessed switch is easy to set without any worry that you’ll bump it while swapping filers or changing apertures. Typical Pentax image quality, small and light. mikeSF. Total 0,00 € checkout. $55.00 shipping [Near Mint] Pentax 645N 645 N Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body From Japan 222. Reviews: Views: Date of last review: 2: 47,222: Thu June 28, 2018: Recommended By: Average Price: Average User Rating: 100% of reviewers: $550.00: 9.50: supersize: Description: Normal lens in the 645 film format. Il n'en reste plus qu'un ! £961.57. $123.00 shipping. I have a 31 Limited that serves the same function for the DSLR. Je vends un appareil photo argentique pentax me avec son objectif smc pentax-m f1.4 et sa bandoulière. D'occasion. Plus de photos. This is demonstrated well in the pine trees above (also see 100% crop below). This alone would entice a 645 user into looking twice at it. également pour factures. While it is very sharp, I find that it provides a very pleasing ‘3D’ look. Location: East Bay Area, CA . $ 699.95 Read more. 75mm. Pentax 645 75mm 2.8FA Review /August 18, 2019 by Jake Horn The Pentax 645 camera line has been known for decades as the system that marries 35mm SLR features with medium format. 17 place Bellecour 69002 LYON 04 78 42 15 55 . 750,00 EUR. 45mm. This is not a common size in my lens collection (Pentax, Nikon, or otherwise). Bokeh 9.0. Pentax SMC 645 FA 75mm f/2.8 . Pentax 645 FA 75mm f/2.8: bonne qualité à f/11 mais pleine ouverture médiocre: Pentax 645 FA 120mm f/4 MACRO: excellent ! While off the tripod, it is very hand hold-able due to the minimum aperture of f/2.8. 725,00 EUR. Page produit de l'optique smc FA 645 75mm f/2.8. A small compromise. The 75mm f2.8 is roughly equivalent to this in 645 terms. This fast prime has become my go to lens for the Pentax 645. Value 9.6. Pentax 645 Z - Appareil photo numérique moyen format | à partir de 3 999,00 € | Comparer les prix avec ! Caractéristiques. $70.00 shipping. Conseils d’achat Comparatifs Avis & Tests produits PENTAX 645 SMC 75mm 2.8 LS v's Non LS. Provenance : Espagne. New SMC PENTAX FA645 FA 645 75mm F2.8 for 645N 645NII 645D 645Z Medium Format . 0 enchères. SMC Pentax-FA 645 75mm F2.8: Sharpness 9.7. Provenance : Japon. Les meilleures offres pour TOP CLASSIC SLR CAMERA PENTAX 645 6x4.5 645 + SMC 75 75mm 2.8 + 120 EXCELLENT sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! To get a comparative perspective, I duplicated all tests on my SMC Pentax-A 645 45-85mm f/4.5 at 55mm and my Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lenses (both terrific … Compatible with both film and digital PENTAX 645 cameras. The lens was often included in the Pentax 645 starter kits as a default prime, but was eventually discontinued and replaced by a smc FA f/2.8 variant with auto-focusing capabilities. 28mm. Similar to those smaller formats, most shooters will want a compact, high performing 50mm prime lens. Aberrations 10.0. £1,538.63 {ALMOST MINT} PENTAX 645 Camera + SMC A 55mm F/2.8 + 120 Film Back JAPAN #831I. $53.00 shipping. Pentax 645N with 75 mm lens In 1997, a significantly redesigned model was introduced. PENTAX 645 + SMC A 645 75mm f/2.8, MACRO 120mm f/4, 200mm f/4 Lenses. 17,00 EUR de frais de livraison . eBay Voir prix. 11 watching *Near Mint* Pentax 645N 645 N Medium Format Film Camera Body w/ Strap From Japan. Pentax-A 645 lenses on this setup give me a large range of camera movements. Posts: 6,267. a... >>Voir l'annonce. I usually leave my Singh-Ray polarizer on, so the extra speed is great to have. When composing shots on a tripod, I like to set my focus and switch to manual to ensure it stays where I left it. Achat immédiat. Prévenez-moi avant la fin de l'enchère . Le Pentax 645D se paie même le luxe d'être plus performant sur toute sa plage de sensibilité (100-1600 ISO), que les deux reflex, pourtant des références dans ce domaine. Got one to sell? The 645N incorporated an auto-focus system, and most of the 645 lenses were upgraded to match. But it would make a great short telephoto. Only an idiot would use a 2x teleconverter to make this into a very expensive 70mm f/7 combination, when the 75mm f/2.8 lenswould be a much smarter idea. Thanks . on notera aussi : 1ere main. Introduction. $549.99. Pentax Smc Pentax-A 645 Zoom 80-160Mm F4.5 Made In Japan Good Operation. $609.00. tested at f2.8 and f8 & f11, after that, diffraction @ f2.8 - without shift = center - usable, corner - soft, usable. The fact that it also will blow you away optically puts it into the must own category. Add Comment Back to Forum « ‹ 1 › » scottmorgan Member. Value 8.0. I personally buy from Adorama, Amazon, Ritz, B&H, Calumet and J&R. not cropping too much). Black and white developing was pretty easy, so I figured why not try developing color. enlarge. … 35mm Equivalent. $750.00 . Se termine à vendredi à 18:06 Paris 3 j 9 h. Provenance : Belgique Marque: PENTAX. 140mm … 55mm. Pentax SMC 645 FA 75mm f/2.8. Not as sharp as the 75mm that I bought with the camera. In the 645 digital format the field of view is like a (very) short telephoto lens. Handling 6.0. 507,15 EUR. Voir la description complète. Small & light (for 645), sharp, fairly well built, great handling, Classic, Manual Fast & Clear, Naturally Sharp, Sweet Handling, Getting dark in viewfinder when stopping down Aperture, sharpness, bokeh, build quality, color rendering,, Reviews: Views: Date of last review: 13: 69,216: Sun October 27, 2019: Recommended By: Average Price: Average User Rating: 100% of reviewers: $270.50: 9.42: supersize: Description: Autofocus normal lens, with a field of view in the 645 film format corresponding to a 50mm lens in the 24x36mm … In other words, a 100mm lens on 645 sees about the same angle of view as a 60mm lens does on 35mm film. Objectif smc pentax 645 af - fa 645 zoom 80-160mm f4,5 . Bokeh 10.0. Lens Review Date: August 21, 2014: I can recommend … OPTIQUES MANUELLES: 645 A 200mm f/4 Pentax SMC 67 55mm f/4 OPTIQUES AF: 645 FA 75mm f/2.8 645 FA 45-85mm f/4.5 Test des optiques Pentax 645 A, 645 FA et 645 FA-D montées sur le Pentax 645D. others may see the 55mm as better, but to my eyes the 45mm is just fine. The new model also featured matrix metering, film-edge data imprinting, and a self-timer. The effect is most likely enabled by the fact there is very little aberrations, vignetting, or distortion. Home > Pentax User Forum > Pentax Medium-format Forum > PENTAX 645 SMC 75mm 2.8 LS v's Non LS. 45mm. Pentax 645 noir +obj smcp-a 75mm f 2,8 + obj 150mm f 3,5 + 2 cassettes... avec cela : excellentissime état,utilisé seulement en studio. I would recommend this lens because you don't really have any other choices for 645 wide primes at the same focal length other than the manual versions of this. Mon Compte . Excellent++ Pentax 645N Medium Format Camera Body from Japan. Thanks! 80mm. New Lens + Body Mint in Box Pentax 645 N Camera SMC FA 75mm f2.8 Film Back Japan. Pentax 645Nii | f/11 | Portra 800 @ EI 400, Copyright © 2020 Jake Horn, All Rights Reserved. Voir prix € 476. eBay. Un négatif 4,5×6 offre une surface utile de 2,324 mm², soit plus de deux fois et demi celle d’un 24×36. I can't vouch for ads below. peut-être la meilleure optique disponible: Pentax 645 FA 200mm f/4: téléobjectif de grande qualité : Pentax 645 FA 300mm f/5.6 ED-IF: superbe, ouverture modeste mais la qualité est superlative ! 135mm. 120mm. Zooms autofocus. Get it in front of 17+ million UK buyers. Livraison gratuite. NICE PENTAX 645 SMC PENTAX-A 75mm / 45mm + PENTAX AF400T FLASH + REVCONVERTER . 2 user s found this helpful. Showing slide … I’ve been using this lens since I first got my Pentax 645Nii years ago. 35mm. Pentax 645D, objectif FA-645 75mm f/2.8 @ f/13 ISO 100 fichier raw développé dans Adobe Camera Raw cliquez sur l'image pour télécharger le jpeg en pleine résolution ( 21 Mo ) attention fichier jpeg dans l'espace prophoto, utilisez un logiciel adapté . Qty:-+ smc PENTAX-FA645 75mm F2.8. $50.00 shipping [NEAR MINT] PENTAX 645N w/SMC-A 75mm … Built to last a lifetime. D'occasion. $44.00 shipping. It captures images in 6x4.5cm, but retains most of the portability and creature comforts of Nikon and Canon cameras. $499.00. While not as convenient as the clutch style focus rings found on many other 645 auto focus lenses, the switch has a very specific advantage. Link Posted 08/10/2012 - 07:42 Is there any difference between the 75mm leaf shutter and non LF apart from the LS. I am also a huge fan of the focus switch. 36,37 EUR de frais de livraison. When you use these links to get yours, it helps me keep adding reviews of this old stuff. SMC Pentax-FA 645 35mm F3.5 AL [IF] for 645N, 645NII, 645Z, 645D. 149,00 EUR. Expédié en France. The 75mm f/2.8 is smaller and weighs less than the converter, too! The smc PENTAX-FA645 75mm F2.8 lens provides excellent, soft, out-of-focus (bokeh) effect for backgrounds with its F2.8 open aperture, which is a feature unique to this focal point distance. Here's the chart: 645 Lens . Pentax 645 … Pentax suggests the A645 2X converter, but not the A645 1.4X converter. 85mm. Weighing only 215g, this lens allows extreme portability. 50mm. (not for architectural of course) @ f11 - without shift = center - excellent, corner excellent too, no CA. Great Basin NP - 1/180 sec @ f/5.6 (Shot Handheld). For film bodies, it’s an obvious first lens purchase. It captures images in 6x4.5cm, but retains most of the portability and creature comforts of … $59.00 shipping. Le Pentax 645 permet d’atteindre le « top niveau » de qualité sans rien sacrifier à la simplicité de manipulation ni à la souplesse d’emploi.

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