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And Ultrawide support currently is average. In this live stream, I go over the basics of the OpenRA Map Editor. - Everything just feels clunky and ugh. Considering that the source code is now out and the game can be modded in unlimited manner is there still place for the clunky OpenRA engine (that does not even feel very much like the original C&C, not that they necessarily even tried to attempt that). It is literally a 1:1 upscale of the original game with the latest patches and zero changes. Python GPL-3.0 20 16 42 4 Updated Aug 11, 2020. d2 A d2 mod for OpenRA mod openra dune dune2 C# GPL-3.0 16 41 31 (5 issues need help) 4 Updated Aug 9, 2020. I agree with you 100%. The Remastered Collection, as its name implies, upgrades the original game titles with higher fidelity assets and UI improvements while prioritising authenticity to … Looks off, nothing fits together. I recorded hacked remakes of CNC1/RA1; so I can tell you firsthand that there's no contest what so ever. The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection launches in a few days, bringing updated versions of two real-time strategy classics to both nostalgic veterans and new players.. A reply to my Steam review was 'If the harvesters aren't dumb then it wouldn't be a 1:1 to the original.' I just felt like it could have done those small changes and majority of players wouldn't know but people like us, that have played OpenRA, would. OpenRA is better. - The units feel horrible to move around, the harvesters do some insanely questionable moves, like going around the map to reach the same point. What I don't understand are non-constructive opinions as others or hatred about a project in favor of the franchise and its community, both projects can coexist, in fact they have released the code. I mean, I would happily pay $20 for an album of Frank Klepacki's music. Remastered is closer to playing a game like GTA deathmatch or something. It also features fog of war and capturable civilian structures. The remaster will also launch with mod support which makes it easier for crafty players to add their own content to both titles. A popular question has been whether OpenRA will support the remastered game assets, and I can now confirm (see this GitHub comment for details) that we will work towards this goal. I've played TD Gold, and ohhh boy the difference is noticeable. This is a fantastic feature and lets players create maps and even missions. EA has not endorsed and does not support this product. To all their own, peace and love! Download the mods you want to play, make the AppImage files executable , then double click to play! I bought Remastered today and it's ok, but nowhere near OpenRA. STOP! Playtest 20161001. OpenRA s great, you can play with all the cut scenes and stuff. You would never benefit from setting a Waypoint to an enemy base unless they had zero defensive play. You get what you pay for, and don't get what you don't pay for. I like both. they have however moved the game away from the core CNC experience and created a vary competent and enjoyable online homage to the CNC franchise. To balance the overall strengths and weaknesses of factions, the tech trees and unit stats … I'm gonna have to play that. - Get this mod to be compatible with the new OpenRA build- as of Sept. 4 there is a new version of OpenRA available. C&C remastered and OpenRA. OpenRA is built around balance and around making the best RTS possible. That's it. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I bought Remastered today and it's ok, but nowhere near OpenRA. Personally, I hate the remaster. Despite the look, OpenRA... isn't really RA. Welcome to my channel, home of playthroughts of many a game, including Command & Conquer, WarCraft, Age of Empires, Axis & Allies, and other series. It was reported to me that version 1.3 had a bug where the menu displayed version 1.2. What would be awesome is the ability to import the cut scenes and updated graphics of this remaster. What the Hell? It's $20, what were you expecting? At least it has mod support, but from my testing I couldn't play with my dad using an extra unit from the workshop. I've been spoiled by the OpenRA style of each building having its own que and faster resource dumping. Proof of concept VR RTS game created in Unreal Engine 4, based on the original C&C: Red Alert 2. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X. It has stood the test of time. I'm pretty annoyed about it. Posted by 1 year ago. I am spoiled by Openra and don't think I can go back. Close. It really makes me appreciate Openra that much more. They love the game genre and they worked to do so improvements. The Zoom levels alone are absurd, it's not comfortable to play in the slightest. It's like RA, but it's not RA. This Wiki aims to document all there is to know about "OpenRA - Red Alert". I honestly don't really have anything else to add. © Valve Corporation. StarCraft Recommended for you. * P.S. these were added with counter-strike/retaliations. Who wants +10% speed or whatever? This game has gorgeous graphics, AI-upscaled FMVs, and a phenomenal remastered soundtrack. (How is this not already an option?). GitHub is where the world builds software. Music is great and new units and buildings design is cool too. Open Source reimplementation of Westwood Studios' 2D Command and Conquer games The C&C Remaster looks much more polished and coherent. share. OpenRA is better. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. In this Wiki the focus is exclusively on the gameplay of "OpenRA - Red Alert". It's so tough because I wanted it to be good. Google. I dislike OpenRAs presentation. Also, at least I didn't spend 40 euros on it. Installing the mod is done the same way as another OpenRAModSDK mod. Conversation 69 Commits 1 Checks 0 Files changed Conversation. A game lobby exists for Internet and network play. New OpenRA Logo. Gameplay video using HTC Vive in room scale mode. OpenRA has seriously spoiled my expectations for an official release. Like come on, surely you'd fix something like that? Which is annoying because they should have fixed it. This Wiki should not be confused with the official documentation, which is a Wiki about the OpenRA engine itself. I feel like OpenRA and Remaster serve different purposes. It is a remaster not a re-make. The Team behind the remaster have always been crystal clear on what they wanted the community to expect from their work, they have not lied about anything they have presented to us. I'll probably refund before my two hours are up. each faction had a slight bonus in 1 area. - Red Alert has like +10% buffs, was that even a thing? Press J to jump to the feed. to be honest? Will there be any collaboration with the OpenRA devs, considering they have already been working on making some of the old RTS games (Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Dune 2000) work on newer systems? The UI is modernized and has been tidied up, resembling that of newer Command & Conquertitles. © 2020 -- Invision Power Board © 2020 IPS, Inc. This is a steal for 20$, and I'm really excited to re-record the games with a proper version. ... OpenRA Shoutcast … what will this offer over the free and already proven openRA? - The Zoom level for 3440x1440 is absolutely horrible, I feel like I'm way too close to my screen. When I compare Red Alert on OpenRA with StarCraft Remastered, Red Alert still look better, plays better, and feels better. OpenRA is a Libre/Free RTS game engine with support for playing Westwood classics: Command & Conquer … Press J to jump to the feed. I'm curious regarding this, been a fan and following the project for a few years now and I've been thinking about the EA remasters of C&C and how they will coexist with OpenRA. A remaster of a remake of the original RTS as we know it. OpenRA and the Remastered Collection follow different philosophies about how to bring the classic C&C games into the 2020s. :-P. Agreed with this. The engine recreates many other games such as Tiberian Dawn and Dune 2000. if you wanted to play soviet then you would pick the Ukraine as they had a %10 discount on item costs.. Red alert 2 introduced unique units for each sub-faction on top of passive bonuses. Weitere Spiele C&C 2013 (Ehemals Generals 2) - Canceled OpenRA (Quelloffenes Fan-Classic C&C) Earthbreakers (Petroglyphs C&C Renegade) Renegade X (Fanshooter // Unreal Engine) Global Conflagration (Indie RTS mit C&C Anleihen) Planetary Annihilation. These are the games you loved… now remastered for the first time. What is OpenRA? This fan remake of Krush Kill ‘N Destroy is a port of the game in the OpenRA Engine and according to the team, this first public release is focused around KKnD 1 and its multiplayer gameplay. OpenRA sucks; most of the campaign aren't complete, and in high resolution monitors and their native resolution units become far too tiny. All of those were fixed in Remaster. I remember my childhood when I met this game by the original developers. The good thing is that it probably is getting a lot of players due to the hype, so that means you can play with more people. I forgot how bad the pathfinding was in the original game and it is no different in the remaster. Openra gang The map editor is also way more clunky and not user friendly so thats another win for openra. And for news changes I hope they release new game in the franchise, forwarding the RTS genre. I used this code to successfully extract a music file and was able to play it locally. Posted by Oliver Brakmann on 2016-10-15. - OpenRA/OpenRA cheers for the input, i was 50/50 on buying it, but i feel i want to just cause OpenRA is so good. Posted by Paul Chote on 2016-10-19. I've played a couple games of it after going hard on openra for a long fucking time. Posted by Paul Chote on 2016-12-23. Posted by Oliver Brakmann on 2017-01-10. On the first night I already feel $20 was more than well spent. Honestly I didn't expect much but I did expect a few things at least. That’s true for me. ... Last Call before Remastered Cup. Mod is still in development, there may be missing features, placeholders and bugs. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). The Team behind Open RA have done an amazing job to maintain the C&C community and provide a stellar platform on witch to play these classic games. #18239. CnCNet still has more players than OpenRA, IIRC, so I think a great patch/mod will be done by the community soon. I like Openra, I was surprised by the work of the community and the developers since it is especially geared towards skirmish and multiplayer. There are so many just little things about it that feel wrong. Copy link Quote reply GeoIP-Database Mirrored here due to rate limits. Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Posted by Oliver Brakmann on 2016-09-30. Does OpenRA already have 100% of the Tiberian Dawn & Red Alert singleplayer campaigns fully functional with all cutscenes? OpenRA: A statistic. Romanov's Vengeance is a 3rd party OpenRA mod based on Red Alert 2 mod. And that's not a bad thing! I had a humvee go round into the enemies base because infantry blocked the pathing. But this isn't exactly a crazy option is it? Aside from those things, OpenRA is better in nearly every way. However, if you actually want to go and experience TD and RA, than the remastered release is genuinely the best way to do so. Tbh, I do not trust EA to do right by C&C and I have full trust on the OpenRA team, even with some of the more controversial balance changes (looking at you, Artillery) For example, it is possible to queue build orders. overpriced and dependence from master server. I barely even think of OpenRA as RA, it just has a bunch of RA stuff in a different game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The original RA did not directly have sub factions. OpenRA is a Libre/Free RTS game engine with support for playing Westwood classics: Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and Dune 2000. OpenRA just feels so much better and the zoom is just far too close for me. - Mods won't be usable with other people Online even if they have the same mods. The Remastered Collection, as its name implies, upgrades the original game titles with higher fidelity assets and UI improvements while prioritising authenticity to … Created by the former Westwood Studios team members at Petroglyph Games alongside the dedicated community, every game element has been recreated in authentic and stunning 4K detail – including the completely remastered legendary soundtrack by Frank Klepacki. I love them both! - Incredibly limited options for a Skirmish, let me have explored map and no fog of war if I want to, when playing with my dad he prefers this when we play together on OpenRA. In many ways, OpenRA is an improvement. All rights reserved. Today this genre is no so popular as years ago. C&C has fanatic fans. Most people are unaware of OpenRA's existence and therefore ride off nostalgia to argue any negative views of it. Would happy pay for that version! The improvements they did are good in this Remaster version, respecting the playing style of 25 years ago. The mouse feels horrible, the zoom level is god awful, no proper resolution scaling (ultra wide doesn't work). Archived. - I'm aware that this wasn't in the original but at least add Waypoints for the Barracks and War Factories, I get it's a remaster. the speed and technicality just isn't there in remastered. Its fun but I can't see myself taking it seriously when I play, Better than Starcraft 2? Really the game is just a bonus. - The cursor 'fix' in the options doesn't change anything and feels horrible when placing structures or selecting units, they have a huge hitbox. 2. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Release 20161015. C&C remastered and OpenRA. Enjoy the update. I'll probably pick it up when it's around £10, (50% off) but for now, OpenRA is just too good in comparison. After more than 8 hours playing since the launch, I like the Remaster too, I am enjoying the campaign and the original lore! The free versions are complete trash compared to this. Besides, that soundtrack remix. We have developed a flexible open source game engine (the OpenRA engine) that provides a common platform for rebuilding and reimagining classic 2D and 2.5D RTS games (the OpenRA mods). OpenRA is a project that recreates and modernizes the classic Command & Conquer real time strategy games. They both have their place and I have no serious complaints. I'll need to see what I can do to get World at War working. the game as it stands at launch is great, the missions are all working, and although path-finding could use some work, the core game play loop is not broken by this.. the zoom levels of the game compliment its classic RTS style where direct battle field influence is localized to a small portion, meaning that as a player you need to be proactive and fluid in approach to each level and situation you can't just sit at max zoom and see everything. I think some think that only mtuliplayer matters so they probably only concerned about the multiplayer side of things, given openra support is continual, and its been rebalanced for multiplayer, that is perhaps considered better for online play. With Westwood gone, the OpenRA … The Menu on the right works, but then for no reason there's a black bar on the left. OpenRA is a Libre/Free RTS game engine with support for playing Westwood classics: Command & Conquer … Press J to jump to the feed. Also, at least I didn't spend 40 euros on it. In this video I play through all the available Atreides missions for some nostalgia and still fun gameplay. I know it's supposed to be true to the original but things like that should have been fixed. Me and my friend would play 1v1 in dawn like 5 or 6 times a night for months. Wish there was a way to support the OpenRA version. It's terrible in comparison. Subreddit for everything OpenRA! Why? But I can't put money where it doesn't seem worth it. OpenRA tiberium dawn to me is better than starcraft for multiplayer VS games. The source code on GitHub still has comments in it from 1994. You can't play with mods with other people? What's your opinions? Dune 2000 was the 90s remake of the classic Dune 2 strategy game and here in 2020 development is still continuing with the OpenRA open source port engine that mods the game to be even better. ... ocdi wants to merge 1 commit into OpenRA: bleed from ocdi: feature/meg-format. Licensed to: Ultimate Title Fight: Bisu vs. Jaedong PvZ – StarCraft Remastered - Duration: 1:24:20. That's exactly what I wanted to do too, but again, in it's current state in terms of Multiplayer it just doesn't feel close to OpenRA. Release 20161019 hotfix now available. I dunno. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I don't want to play Campaign so I was hoping for a truley refined Multiplayer and I've just been met with disappointment. I have no doubt that there will be updates to correct errors or implement improvements, as the option they brings to modders can modify the game since the release date, just yesterday. That turned out just to be a typo :P Playtest 20160904. Its more for the case that the people who remaster it are original crew (hope i not wrong) and just to support them. The OpenRA Resource Center helps the community sharing their custom maps. 2 comments. This code will parse a Meg file used by the CnC remastered assets. Changing to 2560x1440 stretches it in fullscreen, nice! I swear different factions had different units. I've refunded it for now, hopefully they patch it up etc. I'm sure if you wanted to play the Campaign it would be worth it, but for multiplayer etc, I can't vouch for it. Install the optional appimaged utility to integrate OpenRA with your system launcher and web browser. It is a literal asset upscale. OpenRA is distributed as portable AppImages that run on most modern 64-bit Linux distributions. Maybe we all have different views on remasters. As the game features its own map editor, there are many custom maps available. The good thing is that it probably is getting a lot of players due to the hype, so that means you can play with more people. This game has gorgeous graphics, AI-upscaled FMVs, and a phenomenal remastered soundtrack. OpenRA and the Remastered Collection follow different philosophies about how to bring the classic C&C games into the 2020s.

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