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The mandarin commanded that a rope should be stretched across so as to leave an open space in full view of the crowd, where the two Changs might give their exhibition. But surely you would not have a labourer do more than his employer requires? Help students understand that animals live in many different places by working with them to select which locations an animal might live in. It didn't take long for the local mandarin to hear about the beautiful snail shell girl. They had just finished eating, and the host was wondering what he should do to amuse his friends, when a servant told him of the jugglers. Suddenly, the grave opens up and the sad Zhu Yingtai jump into the grave…. Mandarin Companion has taken Western classics like “The Secret Garden” and translated them into easy Chinese for learners, with some adaptations. Welcome to our award-winning short story collection featuring Chinese Stories in English. They must show us something new. Xu Xian comes to Lu Dong-bin three days later because Xu Xian hasn’t been hungry for three days after he ate the tangyuan. A list of creepy Chinese ghosts that originate from ancient Chinese folklore. Chinese Folktale. You thought the Great Wall is soild? Sisterhood Between the White Snake and the Green Snake, The white snake (Bai Suzhen) & the green snake (Xiaoqing). they shouted. Hurry up! "Take care, my man! He shaded his eyes and looked far up into the blue heavens, and so did the people, but no one could catch a glimpse of the departed youth. "Have courage! ", However this may be, we do know that before many years their city became the centre of the greatest peach-growing section of China, and even yet when strangers walk in the orchards and look up admiringly at the beautiful sweet-smelling fruit, the natives sometimes ask proudly, "And have you never heard about the wonderful peach which was the beginning of all our orchards, the magic peach the fairies brought us from the Western Heaven? Have you nothing new with which to regale my guests on this holiday? ", The mandarin and his friends were deeply touched by the old man's grief, and tried in vain to comfort him. After the Great Wall collapsed, it revealed husband’s body, which Lady Meng Jiang held in her arms in grief. Xu Xian comes to Lu Dong-bin three days later because Xu Xian hasn’t been hungry for three days after he ate the tangyuan. They were plainly dressed and looked like ordinary countrymen who had come in to see the sights. . Niúláng (牛郎), is a young man with only a cow as his companion and best friend. From the stories of Pan Gu and Nu Wo, creators of the world, to Bai Su-Tzin, a snake who took on human form and found true love, this mesmerizing book includes myths of creation, mortality and love. “The legend of the white snake” is one of the most famous folk tales in China. the whole story is plain enough," he sobbed. While, before the coming of the fairies, they had lived unfairly, accepting bribes and taking part in many shameful practices, now, after tasting of the heavenly fruit, they began to grow better. They have been very kind to us.". Next came the head, a leg, the body. It made him and his friends all the more certain that the newcomers were indeed fairies. The white and green snake then names themselves Bai Suzhen (白素贞, Báisùzhēn) and Xiaoqing (小青, Xiǎo qīng) respectively, when they are in human shape. The story is actually one of the tales of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, beginning with one of the Eight Immortals (八仙, Bāxiān) Lu Dong-bin (吕洞宾, Lǚdòngbīn), who disguises himself as an ordinary man selling tangyuan (汤圆, Tāngyuán) made of immortality pills. Higher and higher he climbed till he seemed no bigger than a lark ascending into the blue sky, and then, like some tiny speck, far, far away, on the western horizon. The people looked, and they saw twirling and twisting through the air the young man's arm. Perhaps it is Fairy Old Boy himself who is among us!". The mandarin was still more surprised at the juggler's knowledge of a famous poem from the classics. even now they are restoring him to his father.". No sooner had he unwound a portion of this thread than a sudden gust of wind carried it up into the air above the heads of the onlookers. The white snake feels grateful for Xu Xian; however, the tortoise is angry and jealous of the white snake since then. "What! thud! When she finally arrived there, however, somebody told her that her husband died from exhaustion and unacclimatized. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian’s destiny has been intertwined since childhood. Stopping Halfway, Never Comes One's Day "In the Warring States Period, in the state of Wei lived a man called Leyangtsi. To everyone’s surprise, soon after Zhu Yingtai throws herself in Liang Shanbo’s grave, a pair of butterflies fly out of the grave and fly away. Fahai then captures and imprisons Bai Suzhen under Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰塔) until 20 years later, Xiaoqing becomes stronger in magical powers and defeats Fahai. (Chinese people believe that the realgar wine can repel snakes or other venomous animals.) it came like a streak of light, and, lo, there in the magician's fingers was a peach, the most beautiful specimen the people had ever seen, large and rosy. ). If you find out your wife is actually a snake…, Tale of the White Snake (白蛇传, Báishé chuán), The Tortoise, the White Snake, and the little boy. The Cowherd is in love with her, too, so he asks the Weaver Girl to be his wife on earth. He gathered up the money and tied it in a large black cloth. Turning to the box, he raised the lid. Here are a few such stories. During Qin Dynasty there’s a newly-wed couple Lady Meng Jiang (孟姜女, Mèngjiāngnǚ) and her husband Fan Xiliang (范喜良, Fàn xǐliáng). Watch the Best and Most Popular Stories in Chinese.i.e :长发公主, 灰姑娘, 睡美人, 十二个跳舞的公主, 狼和七个孩子 and Many More. Bai Suzhen is depressed toward Xu Xian’s death so she steals the medicine from Fahai to bring her husband alive. Fahai is not giving up on separating the couple; he kidnaps and imprisons Xu Xian in Jinshan Temple (金山寺, Jīnshānsì). Check it out! But under, Zhu professed that she would be a match-maker to introduce one of his sisters to Liang.However, Liang’s family was poor and he did not arrive at Zhu’s family on time. What are the 4 great Chinese folktales? On the day Zhu Yingtai is going to married to Ma WenCai, she sits in the litter vehicle on the way to the groom’s house and there’s suddenly strong wind prevent the wedding journey when they are approaching Liang Shanbo’s grave. One day, the Weaver Girl and her other sisters get the permission from the Queen Mother and descend to the earth as a “vacation”; they are all taking bath in the lotus garden. Zhu Yingtai’s parents have already arranged her marriage to Ma WenCai, a son from a rich family. At the hour when these strangers entered the public square, a large crowd had gathered, for it was a feast day, and every one was bent on having a good time. Did you not say that you came from the land of dreams? The two men walked about aimlessly. He was hired by the Franciscans sometime during the early colonial era (construction took more than 100 years but the church was completed by 1680) to design and build the atrium. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Learn Chinese Online | TutorMandarin 2017, 2nd Floor, No. Then a wonderful change came over his face. "Caught at his own game," laughed the guests, and the people began to hoot derisively. Zhu Yingtai, as a girl, she persuades her father to let her study to Hangzhou in disguise of a boy. However, after the Queen Mother finds out her granddaughter doesn’t come back and even fell in love with a mortal, she’s so furious that she send the Weaver Girl back to Heaven and prohibit the lovers to meet for good. "Our feast was short of fruit, since this is the off season. The tale of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai has many adaptation on stage plays, television programs, films, and exhibitions. The mandarin sent for the doctor. The cowhide shoes made from the cow’s skin takes the Cowherd to fly to the Heaven to find his wife. Very well, masters," turning to the crowd, "if it's a peach you want, why, a peach you shall have, even though I must send into the garden of the Western Heaven for the fruit. The white snake feels grateful for Xu Xian; however, the tortoise is angry and jealous of the white snake since then. They were struck dumb and filled with some nameless fear; they hardly dared to look at the enchanter who stood calmly in their midst, smoking his long-stemmed pipe. Xu Xian manages to escape and meet his wife for she’s giving birth to their son Xu Mengjiao. exclaimed the elder Chang in mock dismay. Liang Shanbo would like to propose marriage to her, but it’s too late. "Come," said the mandarin at last, deeply moved, "let us present the old man with sufficient money to give his boy a decent burial. , is on the seventh day of the seventh month of Chinese lunar calendar annually. That’s why the crab has the crab butter in yellow, the color similar to the monk clothes. Faster and faster the old man paid out the magic coil, higher and higher the free end rose into the heavens, until, strain his eyes as he would, no one present could see into what far-region it had vanished. It has been declared, however, by later scholars that the official and his friends who had eaten the magic peach, at once began to feel a change in their lives. Do not go too far with your promises. "I have it," cried the host finally. Xu Xian is shocked to death after he found out his wife is a snake. Treasury of Chinese Folk Tales is a wonderful collection of seven classic Chinese stories that make for great reading adventures. But all this time the old juggler, magician, fairy or whatever you choose to call him, was looking anxiously into the sky. Learn how your comment data is processed. ", "Yes, but in what a shape?" They seem not to be ruling for their own reward! Thank-You Cards Students can pretend they are the captured Mandarin duck that is released by the servant. That clothes belong to the Weaver Girl, who falls in love with the Cowherd after two of them meet. One day Zhu had to go home as her father missed her so much. One beautiful spring day two men strolled into the public square of a well-known Chinese city. They are the reasons why the Chinese Valentine’s Day exists! For a moment they consulted together, whispering and laughing. What’s more, it’s also a tradition to bury the deceased with proper clothes at that time, especially official garments. Baby & Toddler (0-2) Pre-K (3–5) Growing Reader (6–8) Tween (9–12) Teen (13+) Discover Xu Xian manages to escape and meet his wife for she’s giving birth to their son. "Ah, the good boy," he said smiling, "he has been well trained to love his father; no fear of foreign ways spoiling his filial piety. Oh, no, my old bones are not spry enough for quick climbing. 180, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110, (Part 1), some of the Chinese myths have a comparative “Western version,” how the universe and men were created, scary fairy tales, and love stories. In English, there’s “Romeo and Juliet”; in Chinese, there’s…. Xu Xian is still in love with Bai Suzhen even though she’s not a real human. The young man at a sign from his father tightened his belt and the bands about his ankles, and then, with a graceful gesture to the astonished people, sprang upon the magic string, balanced himself for a moment on the steep incline, and then ran as nimbly up as a sailor would have mounted a rope ladder. Lady Meng Jiang Wailed over the Great Wall (孟姜女哭长城 Mèngjiāngnǚ kū chángchéng), Lady Meng Jiang Wailed over the Great Wall. Read the complete and different version of this legend here:, How to Type in Chinese Characters on a Keyboard, Chinese Medicine Treatments You Must Know, [Guest Post] Tips for living and learning Chinese in China, Know About Chinese Traditional Death Care Industry – Almost Heaven and Other films. Without further ado, let’s hear the stories! Here, fellow, produce us a peach, and be quick about it. Your kids can read longer stories, folk tales, etc. The greybeard uttered a loud cry and covered his face with his hands. . folk tale translations: 民间传说,民间故事. Here’s the 2011 action fiction movie The Sorcerer and the White Snake (法海:白蛇传说, Fǎ hǎi: Báishé chuánshuō). Rather, they often contain natural and whimsical ingredients. From the hopping vampire to the female ghost, these are sure to scare. Oct 6, 2014 - Explore Language Stars- Wilmette Cente's board "Mandarin Books for Kids" on Pinterest. Fan Xiliang was forced into service to build the Great Wall, too. Hark you! Shortly after the couple got married, Qin Shi Huang ordered labor recruitments to build the Great Wall of China. True, he had been able to produce the magic peach which the mandarin had called for, but his son, where was his son? The supernatural also frequently is encountered. Japanese folktales are an important cultural aspect of Japan. ", Suddenly he held out his hand as if to catch some falling object, but, look as they would, the people could see nothing. Learn more about the beauty and wonder of China with these books by Chinese authors, retellings of traditional folktales, and new stories set in China. The old man, still muttering, opened the box from which he had been taking the magic bowls, plates, and other articles. Suppose we let this fellow supply us. At last, however, the mandarin cried out: "These tricks are very good of their kind, but how about those idle boasts of changing rivers into oceans and mice into elephants? And the Weaver Girl, or 织女 (Zhīnǚ), a fairy who lives in Heaven and is so good at weaving that she weaves the rainbows and clouds, she’s also the seventh granddaughter of the Queen Mother. We have hundreds of Chinese books for kids such as world classics, short stories, fairy tales and basic picture books for both beginner and advanced Chinese language learners. Fahai then captures and imprisons Bai Suzhen under Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰塔) until 20 years later, Xiaoqing becomes stronger in magical powers and defeats Fahai. More information Read these 15 books for Chinese New Year or anytime to share a different culture with your kids. A kid named Xu Xian (许仙, Xǔxiān) buys some from Lu Dong-bin, but the boy doesn’t know they are actually elixir. Xu Xian is still in love with Bai Suzhen even though she’s not a real human. Others were buying odds and ends from the street-vendors, tossing coins, and playing various games of chance. We have no time for fooling. The tale of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai has many adaptation on stage plays, television programs, films, and exhibitions. ", After a few moments of waiting, old Chang laid aside his pipe and fixed his eyes once more on the western sky. She frequently hinted that she loved Liang when seeing her off, however Liang was an honest and unassuming man and did not understand her love confession. In an instant the box was thrown open with a bang, and before the mandarin and his friends, before the eyes of all the sightseers the young man, strong and whole once more, stepped forth and bowed, clasping his hands and giving the national salute. He seemed all of a sudden to forget his grief. They smacked their lips and wished for more, secretly thinking that never again would ordinary fruit be worth the eating. The mandarin rose and addressed the jugglers, thanking them in the name of the city for their visit and for the taste they had given to him and his guests of the peach from the heavenly orchard. Here are legends of ancient demons, strange ghosts, magic swords, evil sorcerers, diabolical transformations, flying ogres, fairy foxes, powerful gods, and more.

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