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From the must-visits including tours to Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea, Galilee, and Petra, to the more off-the-beaten-track, all tours on Tourist Israel … A person who enters Israel on a B/2 visa is not … As with any destination in the world, and one of our top Israel travel tips is that visitors should excise natural and normal levels of caution and awareness; and it is always a good idea to … The literal translation of the traditional greeting is “peace,” and it is used for both hello and goodbye across Israel. You should exercise extra vigilance if attending. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel. As of March 25, the Department … The Embassy of Israel maintains a list of countries whose citizens do not need to obtain a tourist visa for trips of less than three months. The United States is on that list. Travel in your area, including international travel, may be restricted because of domestic regulations. The requirements and fillable health certificate for travel of dogs and cats to Israel … Israel will require all arrivals to enter a minimum 14-day quarantine, an extreme step that will essentially close off the country, in its effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Homosexuality is largely taboo in Palestinian society. There is no minimum requirement but … If the Israeli stayed in Israel 180 days and the foreign spouse stayed in Israel 90 days at least. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. This guide relates only to Customs fees and exemptions for goods that a person brings with him when he enters Israel. Men should not wear shorts or go without shirts around these sites. During Ramadan, eating, drinking and smoking between sunrise and sunset is forbidden for Muslims (though not for children under the age of 8). The driving age in Israel for a car is 16 years and 9 months and for a motorcycle (up to 125cc) 16 years. A B/2 visa is granted to someone who wishes to stay in Israel for only a short time (for a visit, tourism, a business meeting or study in a Hebrew ulpan). Be curious about the places you visit. They enjoy talking about their country, the sites to see, the Jewish religion and even politics. Cannabis in Israel is allowed for specified medical usage, and is illegal but partially decriminalized for recreational use, with prosecution for home use and possession of up to 15 grams or less generally … It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Menu. Accommodation. The law advises travelers to work via the travel agent through whom he purchased his tickets in order to receive the compensation mandated by law. There is much to see in Israel, including many historical and religious sites, seemingly endless museum options, archaeological sites and even sunny beaches. Other countries may close borders, restrict movement or bring in new quarantine rules with little warning. Israel is a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Carry identification with you at all times. (eg a photocopy of the personal details and entry stamp pages of your passport). You should dress modestly in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. Additionally, Tourist Israel … In general, Israeli law does not require an employment contract to be in writing and an oral agreement is legally binding. Having the right information at hand is always a good idea, particularly information about your rights as a tourist … Israel has many religious and cultural sites. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Warning Level 3 – Avoid Nonessential Travel to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Sharing food is common. Basic Law: President of the State Basic Law: The Knesset Basic Law: The Government Basic Law: The Judiciary Basic Law: The Israel Defense Forces Basic Law: Jerusalem Basic Law: Israel Lands Basic Law: The State Comptroller Basic Law: The State Economy Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty Basic Law… Millions of people come to Israel each year on vacation. Around 92% of the population are Muslim (93% of them are Sunni). There is no better way to discover the differences in Israel and your own hometown than this – and that is what you are there for. At any time, Tourist Israel may without notice discontinue your use of the Site, at its sole discretion, in addition to any other remedies that may be available to Tourist Israel under any applicable law. Tourism in Israel is one of Israel's major sources of income, with a record 3.6 million tourist arrivals in 2017, and 25 percent growth since 2016 and contributed NIS 20 billion to the Israeli economy making it an all-time record. As a courtesy, you should avoid drinking, eating, and smoking in public places in the Occupied Palestinian Territories during Ramadan. Just as Americans do not take offense to visitors from other countries saying “hello,” you are welcome to use the Israeli greeting “shalom” when you visit. It will help you blend in with the locals. Millions of people come to Israel each year on vacation. Over 100 tours in Israel including day tours, multi-day tours, packages, private tours, and more. "This is a very important law that makes it not financially worthwhile to delay flights," says Saleit Koler, legal adviser at the Israel … His writing has appeared for more than 15 years in many news publications including the "Tennesseean," the "Tampa Tribune," "West Hawaii Today," the "Honolulu Star Bulletin" and the "Dickson Herald," where he was sports editor. Make sure you pack conservative clothes for visiting any religious sites. You should not shy away from talking to locals about these subjects if you are in a conversation with a person who knows all about the area. Tel Aviv has a large, active LGBT community and is famous for its annual Pride Parade. The Ministry of Tourism’s Tourist Information site, you"ll find comprehensive information about the tourism services provided in Israel. Israel does not routinely stamp passports with an entry stamp, and instead provides all … In 2021, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on 12 April and finish on 11 May. An annual Pride Parade is also held in Jerusalem, but there has been a heavy security presence at the event since a fatal stabbing occurred during the 2015 parade. Before you return to the UK you must provide your journey and contact details. This has been g… You’ve accepted all cookies. Full travel advice: Local laws. Local residents in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods can react strongly to anyone (particularly women) dressed inappropriately. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mass communications from Middle Tennessee State University. If despite our advice you choose to travel to Israel as a tourist for less than 3 months, you generally won't need a visa. Of course, you will want to observe no-smoking signs wherever you are in Israel, but keep in mind that smoking is in direct violation of the "Shabbat," a religious day observed on Saturdays in Israel. Israel Consumer Protection Law According to Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, any ticket sales that take place in Israel may be canceled in writing within fourteen (14) days of the transaction … Although Israel does have many similarities to the United States, a place where a large portion of the tourists in Israel come from, there are still some cultural differences that require proper etiquette from outsiders. This guide applies to a person who enters Israel on a tourist visa (B / 2), a student visa (A / 1) or a companion visa (A / 4) as well as B / 1, / A / 3, and B / 4 visas… For practical reasons, this article also covers tourism on the West Bank, since it is closely interconnected with the mass tourism in Israel. If you are planning a trip to Israel, keep in mind a couple of dos and don’ts that apply to visitors. Israel has many religious and cultural sites. General According to the Israel Value Added Tax Law, a wide range of tourism services provided to tourists (foreign citizen), during their stay in Israel, are subject to zero VAT.

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