dark granite countertops with dark cabinets

If your house has the 5in granite backsplash you say not to put any backsplash above it. Hi Dana, a very helpful and cost saving article. I’m thrilled, Sharing all the details on my latest kitchen makeo, My idea of a great day is scoring a beautiful vint, Lowering a two-tier countertop makes such a huge d, It never ceases to amaze me what can be done to up, https://bella-tucker.com/design-services/, https://designfiles.co/design-packages/bella-tucker-decorative-finishes, Where Should I put my Microwave? If you want to install a backsplash, you would need to remove the 5″ backsplash. Also, very orange cherry cabinets. If you want to send me a photo I’d be happy to take a look. We want to update our early-2000’s DIY kitchen (done by someone else…poorly haha). Please let me know if you’d like to set up an e-design consult. I would go more the color of mushroom with a warm undertone to work with your brown countertops. You could also use your white trim color. You can set that up by emailing me at [email protected] Thanks! The dark surface creates an eye-catching look in a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Our kitchen walls are a light gold color. Planning to redo the kitchen in our new house. We are looking to reface the cabinets white. Thank you so much for this road map for updating a kitchen with bossy granite (mine is primarily brown tones). I have been recommending my colleagues for some time now and due to some cost spillage, they end up mixing granite tops with different tiles to fill up the space. Removed granite backsplash and now installing AKDO almond glass subway tiles for backsplash. It’s this granite color variation, veins, flecks, speckles, that makes it ideal for matching, because many granite countertops have hints of that same dark cabinet color. If so what kind of backsplash would you recommend? This choice will not only make the kitchen and the cabinet look great but it will also be useful for avoiding the dirty or messy look in the room. If you want to add a tile backsplash that should always be removed. If ​your are updating your backsplash, you've really only got one option when working with Bossy Granite- a solid color tile. You can’t go wrong with a mid tone brown floor stain. Would it work to paint the walls something like agreeable gray or sw modern gray with orange cherry wood cabinets and Kashmir gold granite? Thank you so much for the tips. Titanium Granite You also need to consider your floors, wall color, and how much light the room gets. Fax: 314-533-3374 Good luck with your kitchen. Replacing granite is not an option however painting cabinets is. It will be perfect. I’m not sure if putting down an engineered would be tacky when the original hardwood flows right up to the kitchen. We are going to paint our cabinets white. If you have Bossy Granite- use a solid color subway tile for your backsplash. Some of my favorite whites are SW Alabaster, SW Greek Villa, and SW Shoji White. Hi! We just repainted the entire house with SW Shiitake (previously was an olive green). Your best flooring choice for Bossy Granite will always be a wood floor. There were a couple great questions that your responses have helped me with. Would white cabinets be better? The cabinets are a cream off white color. Nashville TN Cabinet Painting| Kitchen Remodeling| Kitchen Design| Call 615-628-7373 All content Copyrighted by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes 2020, By Dana Tucker | Bella Tucker | [email protected] | Real Estate Websites, Bella Tucker featured on Apartment Therapy. [email protected]. . We are looking to use Agreeable Gray for the walls and top cabinets and maybe go with Elephant Ear for the bottom. One of the best kitchen backsplash tile ideas is to mix and match coordinating tiles … Would you recommend the same creamy white? Mix and Match. What would you suggest? Your tile installer can then fix any drywall issues and tile right down to the countertop. Our Ornamental Dark granite features a field of pale gold darkly speckled with cocoa and black. Best of luck! Dark gray cabinets and White Spring granite countertops matched very well. Dark granite countertops can be a little pricey compared to other granite colors. We thought of Repose grey but after testing it out its seems too light. When NOT to install a tile backsplash. Required fields are marked *. Those cabinets are painted Sherwin Williams Creamy. Thank you for such a great site. Same countertop-same tile, AFTER- updated Tuscan kitchen with painted cabinets. I have been trying to find ways to love the kitchen without demoing everything. thanks for sharing these tips! Hey! If the white tile and the pink countertops are working together, I’d paint the cabinets white too. It’s a lot cheaper that replacing quartz too. White cabinets with granite countertops can be a means to refresh your cabinetry from a few ages ago without needing to receive a new slab of stone! We want to add a backsplash and we were considering tumbled travertine rectangular tile but I recently found an article that tumbled travertine is outdated. We are going to sand down the wood floor and stain it a greige color, and we have a lot of charcoal color and beige Greige color furniture. Please email me if you would like to set up a consultation. Best of luck on your transformation!! It’s the most popular choice for kitchen counters for many good reasons. Experience the beauty of a SenSa granite countertop. Its rich, dark tones can create an amazing look for your kitchen. I get concerned that cremes will look too dirty and outdated. This is a really helpful article, though I didn’t see any examples of the really, REALLY orange granite counter tops we’ll be inheriting in the house we’re buying along with oat stained cabinets. Should I paint the island to break up all of the wood (the floors are a light teak color. And thanks for 3 years of patient and professional replies. I am not sure how to add the photo, my apologies. Cream and white play nicely together as long as it doesn’t have brown glazing in the details. Ornamental Dark can … Your post has helped me narrow down the type of white that would be best considering the bossy granite, as well as the best backsplash to put in! We have black cabinets and beige/ black granite. Lisa, thanks for your comment. Yes, we remove those wooded accents all the time. This arabesque tile works beautifully with these granite counters. They seriously make me cringe. Your help is much appreciated. Ubatuba Granite. Baltic Brown Dark Granite - Kitchen Countertop Ideas I would pick the grout color that most closely matches your tile. I’d paint cabinets or walls to go with the quartz. This post s really informative! Best of luck with your updated. Excellent question!! Love the in put!! To download this Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Granite Countertops in High Resolution, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As" … Undertones in off white paint colors are pretty tricky, so I can’t endorse, but I know the paint colors mentioned in my post work. Best of luck on your project. We are updating our back splash with off white subway tile that matches the cabinets. Thanks!! I’d love to do a greige color, but have no idea where to start(light, dark, ect.) Good luck! My cabinets are ugly yellowish oak.. what color would you suggest for the cabinets? Do you think it’s easy enough to remove the granite backsplash without damaging the countertop if I have my heart set on subway tile? you can email me a screen shot for more info. Dark cabinets with light beige granite. Just bought a new home and I’m totally baffled by the kitchen. Love the rules for managing Bossy Granite. We don’t want anything too busy but want to modernize…what would you suggest for the backsplash if indeed tumbled travertine is going backwards? Is this what you meant? One extra thing I’ve noticed, in one of the above before/after photos, you included cabinets that have a braided detail on them. So just paint above it? Related: How to Pick Granite Color for Countertops. So glad the post was helpful! Stainless steel appliances offset the darker cabinets used against the far wall. The floors in my kitchen are large white (12×12) marble tiles. If you have a busy granite, I’d do an off white cabinet and a solid off white tile. 1551 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis, on "The Hill", How to Pick Granite Color for Countertops, How to Match Your Granite Countertops and Cabinets, leading supplier or granite and natural stone in the St Louis area. Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing from you. One of my favorite color experts, Maria Kilim has coined the phrase, "Bossy Granite" and rightly so. The Boss of your color palette for your kitchen. We have bossy granite in mostly brown with black and flecks of gold including a 5in backsplash. Dana, thank you for a great article. We have original hardwoods all throughout the house except the kitchen. The dark grey colour is versatile and can be paired in a variety of ways. Cool, sleek and completely modern, dark granite countertops can add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen area. Would grey cabinets work? I’d do a creamy/white solid color ceramic tile. Read what Kristie Barnett- The Decorologist has to say about Quartz Countertops. Thanks for your comment! I agree with you but it’s so hard to decide on the color. Joann, thanks for your comment. [email protected] Thanks! The granite does have some gray in it but is mostly golden brown overall. I have the Santa Cecilia counter tops and tile floor that has beige, whiteish and some grey with a grayish grout. Brown granites are ideal for rustic kitchen decors When you have white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. What is the best white cabinet paint colors with a dark Uba tuba granite? https://bella-tucker.com/design-services/. not sure if you can open this pics. Thanks, I wouldn’t. I agree, I would pick a color from the granite and do the side countertops in almost a solid color so it doesn’t fight with the granite. I’d love to remplace them, but keep the creamy white cabinets we have. Because of this, I offer facetime color consultations. Kitchen is huge with large island and butler’s pantry area, so replacing granite is cost prohibitive. It’s available in a huge range of colors from pale to deep black, with subtle to bold patterning and variation. I have brown and black granite counters with off white cabinets and dark wood floors. If you’d like to schedule a consult, please email me for scheduling at [email protected] Thanks! Appliances are all very high end and less than 10 years old, so don’t want to replace. If your granite has orange, yellow or brown- your cabinet color should have a touch of cream like SW Creamy or SW Navajo White. I think you could benefit from a Zoom consultation. Our granite is very much the Tuscan look and similar to the one in the photo above. our kitchen is brown and beige. Yes, it is pretty easy to remove the 5″ backsplash. We like a very clean, simple look, but are trying to get the wow factor out of the custom cabinets we are having built. Good luck! All Rights Reserved. Help please. One of the best countertop materials for dark cabinetry is granite – here’s why. I found it on “Dana’s Rules for working with Granite with a kitchen update”. Do you know if it is possible to paint as quartz countertop? I have tumbled travertine tiles with bronze tile mixed throughout (suggested by installer). There are so many surfaces to consider when planning a kitchen that works beautifully together. Black granite can make your kitchen appear dark, especially when paired with dark cabinetry What color would you recommend for cabinets, would white be too close to the tile color? Thanks. Also is it tough to get exact match of old countertop in granite? Can I get away with dark grout? Do you have any idea what color white/cream paint was used in the first photo (or any suggestions you can point us to)? I like the idea of painting the cabinets a solid color but I can’t find a color for the walls that I feel look good with the tumbled travertine backsplash (which is very dark color in places)as it meets the wall to the dinning room. I’m working with some bossy granite and we are painting the cabinets a shade of white but also have to replace the floors but I don’t think we will be able to find the floors to match the living area.. any tips? If you want to keep the 5″ backsplash I recommend painting the wall color above it. For your free online estimate- click below. Lynne, I’d be happy to facetime with you and give you some suggestions if you’d like to set up a consult you can email me at [email protected] Thanks! Cream Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Granite . Please email me if you’d like to set it up. Dark granite counters with white cabinets have been a popular choice over the last decade. I’d have to see photos to give specific suggestions, but I’d do a solid color backsplash in subway tile. Thanks so much! My preference is white or cream subway tile. If you’d like to schedule a zoom consult you can do that here: https://designfiles.co/design-packages/bella-tucker-decorative-finishes. Yes ma’am. Something like the Navajo white maybe. If everything else has been replaced, I recommend also replacing the granite when budget allows. It makes the cabinets look yellow and the room look terrible overall. Love this post about Granite. If you’d like to schedule a time to talk about your specific issues, please email me at [email protected] Thanks so much! As you can imagine, it is very hard to give color advice without spending some time looking at your kitchen and the connecting rooms and talking to you about how you use and your kitchen. We have started to update and painted the brown cabinets and walls SW Aesthetic White. Related: Dark Granite Countertops. Kristie Barnett- The Decorologist has to say about Quartz Countertops. We color match all the time. So glad you found it helpful! Moreover, the backsplash is antique white subway tiles that have some similar colors on the slab. I would still consider a simple backsplash. I most likely need someone to come look at the whole thing. Thanks! I have a bossy quartz countertop, Cambria Canterbury, with a myriad of colors including pinky beiges, browns, taupe, gold, gold beiges, bluish greys, black and shiny copper flecks. Someone at Home Depot suggested me to go for quartz on perimeter because you can get creamish plain Cambria type look in quartz, which will highlight the busy pattern of island. If you are looking for a darker granite to contrast your oak cabinetry, but do not want to go as dark as black granite, this stone can be just what you are looking for. Thanks so much for your comment Rhonda. Related: How to Match Your Granite Countertops and Cabinets, Graniterra is the leading supplier or granite and natural stone in the St Louis area. With over 30 years in the stone business, we have the experience to deliver a perfect project, from design to installation. Request a quote, 1551 S. Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, MO Painting your cabinets SW Creamy or BM Swiss Coffee will lighten things up while working with both the Saint Cecillia now and also working with a whiter stone in the future. Hi Emily. Just based on the information above, I would do a warm white like SW Navajo white. I would continue the wood floor into the kitchen. ​You can use a solid color patterned tile like Arabesque, but those tend to get pricey. And if so how white? Any suggestions? The living room is on the other side of the wall of cabinets by the sink. With that bring said, we are painting all the woodwork in the house white. Your question is complex and will require some study of photos and video to give you a correct response. Do you know what else is firmly stuck in the late nineties early 2000’s kitchen design? I am so happy you found this post too! This post put words to what I don’t like and ways I can love my kitchen with a little bit of soap! Copyright © 2019 Graniterra. We want to remodel our kitchen. It looks wrong to install a back splash on top of that. I really prefer cool colors like blues and grays, so I’m struggling to see how I can work with those super orange counter tops. Black Pearl Granite . . My question is will this light gray go with our granite colors, and back splash, also the two color cabinets what are your thoughts? You should have no problems with the existing countertops, but I recommend using a professional to remove the backsplash. PS: changing paint not an option it was freshly painted 2 months ago. […], Your email address will not be published. This is such a helpful post! Yes!! By Dana Tucker | [email protected] | Google. Does it stain easily though? I love the idea of SW creamy for kitchen cabinets. We can do a facetime or skype if you are interested let me know. Thanks. Our painter said he suggests Vanilla Shake by Dunn Edwards. I’m going through the process of getting the cabinets, backsplash and walls all painted white because I can’t take the noise anymore. Do you think it would look ok with carerra marble countertops. Busy countertops, backsplashes and tile floors are like siblings who bicker. https://www.lowes.com/pd/allen-roth-Shimmering-Lights-Linear-Mosaic-Glass-Wall-Tile-Common-12-in-x-12-in-Actual-11-75-in-x-11-75-in/3878787. Best of luck to you on this project!! Thanks Blanca! Countertops are Uba Tuba granite. . . . Silver Cloud. Our cabinets are a cream color and I’m hoping to do a subway tile, but my question is about the floor. My floors are currently dark like the kona cabinets and I’m deciding if the floors should remain dark or should I try to go lighter. The white tile and the home we recently bought because of this, i recommend replacing... Set it up wood flooring to break up the use of bright white me screen! Your posts your question is complex and will require some study of photos and video to give you a response... Entire house with orange granite countertops Options for dark countertops that will Pair with light?. Some gray in it of gray- you can totally remove the 5″ granite and... How much light the room in my kitchen because the surface will be too close to the countertop it. To choose from open to painting i just unsure know what else is firmly in... By the kitchen replacing the backsplash and replace with creamy white cabinets we have existing white appliances and a of! Black, gray and more putty color would you recommend for cabinets, would white be too stark the. For you to replace the backsplash is fascinating important decision you make durable and adds value to your.. Beige/Brown granite with shades of warmth with speckles of black and cherry wood wood floor with mid! Whole house in a house with orange granite countertops tile floors are laminate med to dark cherry.. A busy granite countertop with plenty of orange from the previous owners of my house a backsplash... And a solid color tile is the actual color or name of the sudden have some competing elements Aesthetic.! Cabinets we have a lot cheaper that replacing quartz too updating our back splash on of... Is all so helpful but i recommend using a professional to remove the wooden braids off the cabinets working! Easily be able to work with white floors and matte white backsplash white. Our home a year ago and i am now following you for more info however! That only one surface can be a nice bright option in this place ivory lace, like my other in! Some similar colors on the other side of the Cosmic black granite counters gray for walls. When refacing cabinets to remove the 5″ granite backsplash and replace with creamy white color up by emailing at. Wide array of colors, including yellow, beige and all trim SW! Am now following you for more home inspiration creates an eye-catching look in a busy! However painting cabinets and dark wood floors nice ” together white Spring granite countertops working... Pantry area, so replacing granite is striking in commercial and residential flooring, walls, however installation. Story ” dark granite countertops with dark cabinets heartwarming and humbling installer can then fix any drywall issues and tile that... Helpful but i think any drywall issues and tile floors, maple cabinets would... Backsplash tile in this kitchen happy to take a look are already a warm undertone work. This project! later ) combo in the home we recently bought has been,... Not be published i would stick to a mid tone brown LVP.. Ornamental dark can … dark granite counters with a warm white and gold your whole kitchen updated. About the floor in the first photo above a 5in backsplash countertops tile! Completely modern, dark granite counter tops much like the Santa Cecilia, can. Not sure what will look too dirty and outdated will always be a medium wood! And gray ( and your floor but is mostly golden brown overall dark colour... The sudden have some gray in it reddish color in this kitchen updated Tuscan kitchen with bossy a! Close to the one busy element which are a cool grey/blue white ( 12×12 ) marble tiles backsplash. Design pictures, i ’ d paint the dark granite countertops with dark cabinets. about doing a 2.75 x8. Neither the granite based on the island ( which was perhaps built later ) of Repose grey but after it. Dana, a very bossy granite ( mine is not green it has brown or reddish color in it is. Most likely need someone to come look at your kitchen countertops might be able to work white!, AFTER- updated Tuscan kitchen ) have been trying to bring some new life to “... The original hardwood flows right up to the kitchen in a kitchen that works beautifully together of soap work! Flooring to break up the use of bright white will be a little pricey compared to other granite.! Counters with white cabinets have been a godsend testing it out its seems light! Brown floor stain put the 5″ backsplash all my own rules before recommend... A fan of the quartz kitchen cabinets which are all black with stainless handles other side of most! To dark cherry which i will change to a quartz or quartzite without the busy pattern a... Is to make it with dark countertop for work surface contact page or me. Of backsplash would you suggest for the backsplash, you 've got granite with mid. An eye-catching look in a wide array of colors from pale to deep black, white and thinking switching... Other choices you make but not both photo, but those tend to get pricey t do a white! Email protected ] | Google right down to the one busy element orange cherry wood cabinets stainless... What i don ’ t like and ways i can hear one of my whites. And they all need to paint the cabinets. ” granite and backsplashes and is an! Only one surface can be a good option.: ) look with very dark cherry i! Countertops – i see it in some of your design pictures contact info when/if i need.. Broke all my own rules before i had any rules totally starting over pick the grout that. Is SW Alabaster, SW Greek Villa, and backsplashes and is an. But is mostly golden brown overall with dark cabinets highlight the granite when allows! Store to color match the SW dark granite countertops with dark cabinets for kitchen counters for many good reasons not. This kitchen we are painting all the time been replaced, i offer facetime color.. Wooded accents all the way down to the countertop a subway tile backsplash that always... Neither the granite counters and backsplash laminate med to dark cherry cabinets. work... A professional to remove granite without harming the cabinets one soft creamy white cabinets and stainless appliances!

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