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Red and pink: Romance and love. Strolling through a flower shop is a great way to see flowers from all over the world you’ve never seen before, but there are still plenty of flowers you’re familiar with that work well as a symbol. Symbolism of the Peony Flower. Albeit they don’t have ideal shape and form, but they denote how it is not important to be perfect but to be interesting and eye-catching. Its meaning stands for empathy and temperance. 29 likes. Magnolia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors There are a secret meaning and an interesting story behind every flower, such as their meanings and symbolic. Don’t forget the color meaning changes when picking Begonias too. Do you know that the flower Begonia has a secret message? What Does Rhododendron Mean? This flower has always a positive meaning and you can give it to anyone. The name Begona is in the following categories: Basque Names, Mexican Names, Navarre Names, Spanish Names. This unusual moniker was chosen for the plant by the French botanist that discovered it, Charles Plumier. Begonia numerology is 9. The name Begonia refers to a cautiousness which is a common symbolic meaning of the flower. You might overlook the simple Begonia that is growing in the flower beds around local shops and parking lots, but the Begonia flower meaning is deep enough that this bloom deserves a second look. Begonia Origin and Meaning The name Begonia is a girl's name meaning "Begon's flower". Some of these meanings are well-known, while the others require you to scratch a bit more under the surface. Leave a comment. He gave it the name after a French politician in power in the Caribbean, which is where the meaning of paying back a favor comes from primarily. That endurance gives the plant its symbolic meaning of persistence and eternal love. Begonia can also be presented to someone who is going on an adventurous trip having risk activities. In the Chinese culture, the begonia flower gives up her own scent in fear that the outsiders may get to learn her sadness by smelling. Colors. Begonia. Red. I always loved the beauty of flowers, i left a poisonous 5year relationship hurt and mentally confused. I’ve been HOOKED on them ever since i have now potted 4 of these in my bed room. Above all, it is most recognized as a plant of warning. Begonia is a symbol of sympathy and friendliness. It’s their beauty and appearance that enable the flowers to stand out. The Begonia flower is symbolic of lushness of desire, rich hidden treasures found by happenstance discovered on your path, promises of sweetness and something rare. Hence, you can give it to anyone as a gift. On the other hand, it’s a plant that can bring in harmony in communication as well as interaction within a home or an office if it’s used in Feng Shui. Some common color associations include. So, if you present Begonias as a gift, it will mean that you care for the person and you don’t want the person to face any trouble or accident. Some species are commonly grown indoors as ornamental houseplants in cooler climates. Begonias also symbolize uniqueness and individuality. Gifting it to someone can trigger people to forgive each other for the wrongdoings they did. Yellow and gold: Wealth, happiness, and contentment, Blue and purple: Artistry, creativity, and passion. Search comprehensively and find the name meaning of Begonia and its name origin or of any other name in our database. Becuase it it a white plant, symbolizing Pure Innocence, it came from the Lord! Flowers provided an incredibly nuanced form of communication. About Begonia Symbolism. Begonia Flower Color Meanings. Always repay the favors given to you with appropriate gifts or you’ll end up with no help at all. The Begonia flower’s message is don’t be lulled into a false sense of security and stay vigilant for danger. It also carries symbolism like that of red Begonia. Rather, a warning to be cautious or misfortune would be ready to pounce. Symbolism in poetry can be derived from nature, beliefs, animals and universe to signify people as well as feelings, thoughts and ideas of individuals. What the Begonia Means: Beware. Humans are masters of symbolism, and it is natural that a flower serves a double purpose as a symbol too. It doesn’t matter what your relationship is with the person or how old is he or she, you can bring a positive vibe to them by gifting them. May 2, 2016 - Begonia Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism Strolling through a flower shop is a great way to see flowers from all over the world you've never seen before, but there are still plenty of flowers you're familiar with that work — didn't come into full bloom until late 19th century England, when Victorians paid attention to the arrangement of their bouquets the way we pay attention to the "likes" on our Facebook pages. Plus, you can also give the flower to your partner as a gift. Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the name that you choose doesn’t mean something bad or unpleasant. White: Pure innocence. And that was it. Thank you Jesus for my Begonia! SYMBOLISM Flowering Kalanchoë blooms for at least eight weeks. And when it comes to Begonia, their varieties extend the meanings that ultimately lead them to carry different symbolism. Begonia Facts; Begonia has several interesting facts worth knowing. Trying to warn someone to watch out? The Begonia is an interesting flower because it has some less than positive meanings. This color has a symbolic meaning of regard, royalty, and nobility. I was given a Begonia in place of a forgotten bunch of Roses, It bridged the gap of being hurt by the loss of the Roses! Purple blooms are symbolic of royalty. Begonia birthday flowers Black-eyed Susan Bluebell bluebonnet Camellia Chamomile flower language Flower legends flower meanings flower myths flower symbolism flower varieties flowers of birth month plant symbolism Roses state flowers Victorian era Victorian times what to plants mean Begonia can symbolize dark thoughts. Begonia is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae.The genus contains more than 1,800 different plant species. With a variety of colors, carnations naturally have a variety of meanings. The Shape: Begonias are mainly cup shaped flowers with a cluster of female flowers circling around the male flower. Pink. White blooms can be given to show spirituality or innocence while blue ones are perfect if referred to creativity and artistry. Yellow and gold: Wealth, happiness, and contentment. The symbol of “I MADE IT” i thank god for the signs and bringing this flower into my life. It has different meanings for its colors. When translated, the name of this flower means danger and cautiousness, which is one of the symbolic meanings of the begonia flower. You can also bridge a divide and start a new friendship with these flowers, or celebrate the success of a friend who has been struggling. All flowers have a meaning, though different books give conflicting meanings. Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-Begonia flower is famous for its beauty as well as its lack of any scent. Begonia. (: I loved all the history about this extraordinary mysterious flower. It is stated to be a universal color that carries a very mild symbolism that includes a positive message. There are many representations that Begonia seems to carry. What is the dream meaning, symbols and interpretation about begonia flowers? The flowers may not be surrounded by very positive energy. Recently I have read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. This flower is a symbol of a harmonious relationship between two people and we are sure that this flower will make your communication with someone better. The Begonia is an interesting flower because it has some less than positive meanings. But this is not a warning in the sense that “you should not come close”. It also symbolizes a fanciful nature. Here in this Begonia Symbolism guide, you will know all of them. So, it can be an ideal present for your partner in Valentine’s Day. You can present this to a person who you want to see successful or having a great future. Yellow blooms mean wealth and contentment while gold ones express success and achievement. It will let the person be cautious of potential dangers. This unusual moniker was chosen for the plant by the French botanist that discovered it, Charles Plumier. Plus, you can also find it has a sign of remorse. Yellow Begonia has a symbolic meaning of satisfaction, wealth and happiness. However, floriography — a symbolic language in which various plants and flowers are assigned meanings of love, honesty, shame, etc. And finding out the definition of these plants have really opened my eyes @how my spirit were led to these warning me of watching my self and decisions and perdictuments i allow myself to entertain and also a reminder of what I’ve gotten out of @that terrible relationship it truly came right on time. This is such a bright color that also can bring some sunshine into your home once you place it. Because it is a white plant symbolizing Pure Innocense, it came from the Lord!. We have to say first that the begonia flower is a decorative plant and it … Begonia is a messenger of reconstruction and … He was a botanist from France and named the flower to honor Michel Begon since the latter was a very powerful Caribbean politician during that period. The Victorians used flowers as a symbol to express their feelings. White Geraniums – White geraniums were once believed to repel snakes and were planted near homes or areas where snakes were a … The Begonia’s symbolism of caution comes directly from the translation of the name. Not only that, but the specific color of the begonia can impact the meaning it has. Blue colored Begonia represents creativity, artistry and passion. Begonia symbolism: When given away, Begonia means “be cautious” or “be aware”. One flower name that doesn't smell or sound sweet enough for baby … It was Charles Plumier who first discovered begonia flower. About Begonia Symbolism. Some people use it for controlling blood sugar with diabetes, treating sore throats, healing small cuts and scrapes, and relieving the symptoms of a cold. The flower would be a great symbolism to remind about the significance of being a better person. Carnation. Come on! Finally, blue and purple can mean artistry, creativity, or passion. It’s the flower with the longest continual use in Eastern culture, and it’s tied in … It’s also useful as a food item since you can toss the leaves and flowers in a salad for a burst of color. Begonia flower relates to the sacral chakra. Begonias are one of my favourite flowers, if not my most favourite flowers, I struggling to decide because theres so many stunning flowers, that make me truly in awe. Meaning of begonia flower plant. Finally, don’t forget about how Begonias stand out from the crowd and feature their own individual nature. My first time seeing or even hearing the name of this specific flower. The Begonia flower is symbolic of lushness of desire, rich hidden treasures found by happenstance discovered on your path, promises of sweetness However, they represent themselves to be careful. Whether the Begonia is your birth flower or not, you can learn a lot by finding out what this bloom means. The Peony is most important in Chinese culture. It also symbolizes gratitude. This was our begonia symbolism guide. It will be ideal to present it to someone who you love or have a thing for. Aside from being a tasty snack, the Begonia has many medicinal uses. Justice and peace between major world powers and simple people alike. So, you can give this as a gift to someone you consider very important or someone who you respect a lot. I was given a Begonia in place of a bunch of Roses, it bridged the gap of the loss of the Roses. A purple begonia flower is a nice gift for someone we appreciate and respect. Begonias are one of the most beautiful flowers on this list! The begonia is a great plant that people many people have come to love and enjoy. Yellow or gold stand for wealth and happiness, whereas a white one corresponds to pure innocence. Gold Begonias symbolize prosperity and fortune. In Latin American countries, begonia is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. You can gift it to anyone who you respect and love. The Big Deer is a symbolism and gear review blog where we talk about anything and everything related to symbolism, hunting, gears and equipment. Give someone a rhododendron, and you will be offering them a well-meaning token of your affection. You can give it to a friend to express your appreciation for him. This plant usually has double blooms that are very large. This representation comes from their symbol of cautiousness as well. Blue and purple: Artistry, creativity, and passion. Flower Meanings by Color. Thank you Jesus for my Begonia! The begonia carries a diverse range of meanings. ORIGIN Kalanchoë is a member of the succulents family, with 125 known species. (If you would like to suggest one or more categories for the name, click here).We have plenty of different baby name categories to search for special meanings plus popular and unique names, search our database before choosing but also note that baby name … click here to get your free personalized numerology reading. As for the pink, it basically represents subtleness. Despite its generally onimus symbolism, a red or pink begonia is a symbol of romance and love. The Begonia is a symbol of caution; it’s meant as a sign of warning about future misfortunes or new situations. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When you bring a flower for someone, it certainly sends a specific message to the receiver. This can represent a good luck sign for the people, especially entrepreneurs. I’ll forever cherish and have a special place in my heart @ the Begonia…. Did you enjoy it? He did this to make sure that he was honoring this family name but the meaning of the flower is actually something completely different. Begonias come in different beautiful colors where each of them carries a symbolic meaning. 29 likes. The Begonia is the representative flower for this name. THEY SIMPLY REMIND ME WHERE AND WHAT IVE BEEN THROUGH AND HOW I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE FREE OF ALL THE NEGATIVITY IN MY LIFE. It does not only add different flavor to the... Doesn’t it melt your heart when a white fur walks towards you and touches you with full of love and affection? It also carries symbolism like that of red Begonia. So make sure to know them before you present this to any person since it sends a certain message to the receiver. This color certainly signifies love, romance, and passion. 08-nov-2016 - Begonia Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism Strolling through a flower shop is a great way to see flowers from all over the world you've never seen before, but there are still plenty of flowers you're familiar with that work She has done a lot or research for her book and found the same difficulties with discrepancies of the definitions. Aside from that watchfulness, the Begonia also represents connections between people and good communication. The name is a corruption of the Chinese word ‘Kalan Chau’. This color certainly signifies love, romance, and passion. However, it can also be meant as a symbol of gratitude or respect, so don’t go throwing out all of your begonias just yet. White-colored Begonia represents spirituality, innocence and purity. If you give a bouquet of Begonias to someone as a gift, it will mean that you are thankful to the person. Its symbolism is often overlooked, but there is some significance to this bloom that you need to know about. It was the only beauty to my eyes when everything else around me was dark. Begonias were named for Michel Bégon, a former Haitian governor, by botanist Charles Plumier, and they are a favorite plant for homes and gardens, as there are many different species … >>Click Here To Learn More And Find Out About Organixx Essential Oils, It Seems Like Nothing Important Ever Happens, but I Sure Hope I’m Wrong – cinnamonliquor, Warnings about future misfortunes or challenges, Dark and unpleasant thoughts that distract you from your happiness and joy, Harmonious communications between friends and family members, Gratitude and giving thanks for a favor from someone else, Individuality and standing out from the crowd. The Begonia’s symbolism of caution comes directly from the translation of the name. ... What is The Meaning and Symbolism of White Flower? Later you will have the chance to see something more about that. The gold begonia flower has similar symbolism as the yellow one. This is an unusual color for the flower. As for the pink, it basically represents subtleness. The Begonia is more than just a beautiful way to decorate. For the most part the color meaning of geraniums follows the traditional meanings of flower colors, but there are some exceptions. Name Begona Categories. This is the reason how it got its name. The flower signifies the connection between you and harmonious communication. You will find Begonia being a watchdog that alerts you about potential danger. The Hydrangea Flower, its Meanings & Symbolism Flowers brighten up our lives with their beauty and fragrance, but the power of a flower goes a lot deeper than just the surface appeal of a bloom. So, it can be gifted to someone who is appreciative enough to understand the beauty of Begonia in such color. The Meaning of Begonia Symbolism. So, it symbolizes that you are wishing the person to have a safe trip and that you are afraid of their well-being. If you give it as a gift, it will help make your communication with the person warmer. The meaning of Begonia is “Type of flower”. The Begonias are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates. This stunning flower is an official emblem of China, and it plays a big role in many holidays and religious traditions. In addition, begonia is a suitable gift for the host because it is a symbol of gratitude for hospitality.

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